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Welcome to Golden Aura 111, a unique blog to explore the spiritual journey between Heaven and Earth. My journey has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions, love, ideas, and thoughts with my loyal readers and those who are in the same path...the healing path! I believe as we start to raise our vibrations and heal deep wounds from the past, we will start to experience higher frequency of emotions like happiness, joy, and unconditional love. The lower frequency of emotions like doubts, fear, and hate will start to dissolve. Read on, share, and embrace. Let's heal, learn and share together in order to move forward to having a life that is much more gratifying and spiritually enriching.

Blue Hummingbird

One Whole +One Whole =Wholeness

I have once heard that "2 halves make a whole mess." I couldn't agree with that statement more. Have you seen images of 2 halves of a...

Death and Spiritual Awakening

Well, I can't be more specific with this title. I actually experience death right in my arms when I was 15 years old. Now, this a subject...

Spiritual Journey...oh so lonesome (pt.3)

I know this is a long blog but I have to tell you the beginning so you know where I am going and in hopes you all can go with me which is...

Spiritual Journey...oh so lonesome (pt.2)

So I mentioned that I dated a Narcissist in part 1 and how that changed my life. At first glance, he was beautiful and definitely...

Spiritual Journey...oh so lonesome!(pt.1)

Well...what a way to start my first blog stating how lonely this spiritual path can be. Lol! If you're on this path then you know exactly...


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