2019...A time for Growth and making it happen!!!

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

You got this!!!!!
"The one you are looking for is you." - Osho

It's still 2018 and I can't be more excited for 2019. This year was a heck of a year. Talk about trying to heal old wounds, letting go others who didn't serve you anymore, experiencing the Dark night of the soul, the ego death and then being in the process of finding yourself. All of this had to happen to prepare you for what's to come...a more beautiful and conscious you. Not only that, 2019 will be the year where you want to set goals that makes you spiritually happy. Spirituality, in general, is a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. It also enables the individual to discover the essence of his/her divinity or being.

Are you seeing angel numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, on and forth EVERYWHERE? These are your spiritual guides and/or angels trying to give you a message. Do you have this deep wanting of leaving your job and seeking how to create your own business? Are you learning more about Law of Attraction and trying to manifest things you want in your life? Are you seeking your soul tribe? Are you trying to release past karma, fears and dissolving the ego? Are you learning what Reiki is or any healing modalities? If you have, well, welcome to the club.

Time to Shine in 2019 and beyond

List of 10 ways to live a more transformed glowing life:

1. Find inner peace

This is so important because the outer world is crazy enough...why let it take over your inner world. In finding inner peace, you can experience complete bliss on this Earth.

2. Forgive, love, and have compassion for yourself and others.

Just let things go. There's no need to hold on to things that doesn't serve you for the greater good. Also learn to see the good in others. Sometimes what you see in others is a reflection of you. You have to look deep within for this statement to make any sense.

3. Heal the past

That's a complete must. We all came in this Earth with some kind of karma that we need to resolve from past lives. Look for prayers that clears karmas (stay tuned..some will be provided that in which has helped me), release toxic beliefs or people (one way is to write a letter/list and burn it so it can be release to the Universe), take spiritual baths (stay tuned for the ones I like) and always make a conscious intention to believe in yourself, your power, and your worthiness.

4. Meditate

(This is something I'm still working on but I know how beneficial it is for our well-being.)

5. Read books that can propel you to a whole new level spiritually.

Suggestions: Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now," "The New Earth," and "Stillness Speaks." There are countless of other books out there. Find the ones that speaks to your soul.

6. Go on a Retreat

I heard awesome things about going on retreats so that's my goal for 2019!! I would love to go on an Inner Awakening or even a Buddhist Retreat. It's whatever floats your boat but try to find that feeds your soul.

7. Pray and pray some more

I can't begin to tell you how that has helped me in my journey.

8. Find your passion and make it happen

As for me, I'm putting myself out there to encourage and inspire others. For example, I always wanted to write a book and so I did. I am now a published Author of a children's book "Jasmine hates wash hair days." I'm in a verge of creating my own healing business and I also have my own website...I still can't believe it but if I can do it then so can you.

9. Check out Crystals, palo santo and/or sage

As an Empath or a highly energetically sensitive person, smudging myself and my house with dried sage and/or palo santo does wonders for me. It gets rid of the negative energy that I might have picked up from being outdoors, work or even on the crowded train. When I'm having slight anxiety, encountering thoughts, situations, etc that are not in my best interest, I find that passing my selenite crystal or spraying my homemade aura concoction around my body is quite uplifting. Crystals which I later found out can help raise your vibration, remove creativity blocks, relieve stress and anxiety, brings abundance and prosperity, cultivating love, etc. It's whatever intention you put into it is what you get out of it.

10. Get to know your Higher self and dissolve the ego.

It's the ego that tries to control you and it's always "I this" and "Me that." Learn to always listen to what your higher knowing is trying to teach you about any given situation. Be still and go within. Also look for signs that your spiritual guides/angels are trying to show you so you can stay in your right path. For example, these angels numbers are meant to encourage you and manifest great things.

I believe we are all connected and we as souls came here to heal one another. However we have start to heal the wounds within. If the list resonates with you then go for it and add some more. If you agree with some of them then great. If none of them resonates with you then it's okay. The teacher always appears where you are. Now, I'm sure there are many more items I could have added on to the list so please share what do you think can be beneficial for living the best life inside and out next year and many years to come.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year Loves!!!!!

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