One Whole +One Whole =Wholeness

"When 2 persons are independent, only then there is love. Love can only flow only between 2 freedoms."- Osho

I have once heard that "2 halves make a whole mess." I couldn't agree with that statement more. Have you seen images of 2 halves of a heart merging together as one? These images can not be more misleading when it comes to the concept of what true love really is. I dug deep and questioned myself in how can a person with a heart that does not know how to unconditionally love self truly unconditionally love another. Emery Allen said it best "You need to fill yourself up with love...not anyone else. Become a whole being on your own." It does not mean to be selfish and keep all the love you have to yourself. To me, what it actually means that you have to entirely love yourself first before you can love anyone else. And the person, whom you are attracted to and love, as well has to do the same. We make a grave mistake to try find someone out there to love us as if we are missing the love we should have within ourselves. There are too many people who stay in the relationship/marriage with the unsuitable person for all the wrong reasons. The main ones are I always hear is "I won't find anyone else to love me because I'm difficult, I'm old, I'm fat, I'm unattractive, etc etc.

I believe once you lovingly commit into evolving in all aspects of your being then that person with the same frequency will meet you there. There's no need to search or wait for that special someone. He or she will come to you. I now know that we can only attract others from where we are. For example, if you are codependent, a giver, then mostly likely you will attract a narcissist, a taker. Yes, the opposite attracts but in the end they are both the same in being they both have low self esteem and childhood issues that need to be resolved. That's why it's so important to heal the past hurts before moving on to someone else whom might have similar issues. Two broken hearts don't mesh well to create a solid foundation or a whole heart. It looks like broken pieces trying to fit together. A lot of hurt words and actions from one or both parties can lead to disaster.

First, do keep your vibrations high so you won't attract lower level frequencies like hate, jealousy, envy, etc. Now, we are human so sometimes we will experience these emotions like loneliness, depression, sadness,or just having a bad day, etc but what works at least for me is to write, have uplifting conversations with friends/family, set positive intentions, meditate, cleansing aura with sage and crystals, etc. Find what's best for you to lift your spirits or vibration. Second, truly love everything about yourself flaws and all. Love your imperfections. The right person will see the perfect in your imperfections. There's only one you and you were made to be UNIQUE! Know who you are without the thinking you need someone else to fulfil you. Third, have this inner knowing that you are loved by the Universe (God) and you are not alone in whatever you are experiencing in this lifetime. Try to think what is this experience is trying to teach you. Know that sometimes your experiences or the mistakes you have made can be shared to help someone else. The inner knowing that we are all One and Connected can make a big difference in your inner and external world. And with this knowledge, you can and will manifest the love of your life.

With Love and Light Always!!!

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